As a result of the epidemic, the world’s largest economies wavered. In the USA, unemployment reached a record level of 13.3%, similarly to Canada (13.5%). In Great Britain, GDP fell by 1.3%, in Germany by 2.3% and in France by as much as 5%. Even in the legendary China there was an economic crash (GDP dropped by 6.8%). In the midst of this economic cataclysm, Poland has grown into a stronghold of a strong economy (unemployment 5.8%, GDP grew by 2%).

Economists in other countries analyze the Polish case with interest to find the key to our success.

This key is a good understanding of the basic economic mechanisms demonstrated by the government of Prime Minister Morawiecki. Instead of relentlessly giving away money left and right, as in the face of the epidemic did the governments of many so-called Western countries, PiS has launched a well  designed anti-crisis shield.

It was built to support employers and people running their own business. Contrary to the governments of many G20 countries, apparently now steeped in socialist thinking, PiS, instead of the devastating chemotherapy administered to a flu patient, gave an antibiotic that acted at the points struck by the disease.

With his actions, the Law and Justice not only saved Polish society from the dramatic recession that the Eurozone is now going through, but above all proved that it understands the mechanisms of the free market economy better than the governments of countries that constantly instruct Poland on how the economy should work.

Hardly anyone today remembers the propaganda from more or less 10 years ago about the supposedly expert governments of the Civic Platform (PO). If these governments led by Trzaskowski’s colleagues had anything to do with the expertise, it concerned only the giving away of Polish assets to foreign corporations for pennies.

Time has exposed the falsehood of Tusk’s propaganda and the people around Trzaskowski. However, the descendants of the communist secret security service and their colleagues from Wyborcza, TVN and other ultra-left media, still attempt to convince us of the alleged incompetence of PiS, and the politicians of Jarosław Kaczyński’s party. The old-system’s allocates are trying to find non-existent scandals or exaggerate rarely committed mistakes to catastrophic proportions.

The reality, however, shows a completely different picture of the Polish united Right ruling the country. As it is easy to check, the Polish economy has been developing with admirable dynamics for several years. Moreover, it is one of the few in the world to survive the coronavirus epidemic virtually unscathed.

Nobody will admit it out loud, but believe me or not, the world is now learning economics from Law and Justice.

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